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Dunkin’ Cashier Wins Praise For Firm Policy Adherence


Dunkin’ Cashier Wins Praise For Firm Policy Adherence

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In a recent incident at the Dunkin’ branch in Greenbelt, Makati, a netizen’s Facebook post garnered attention for highlighting the commendable action of a Dunkin’ cashier.

Vonj Tingson shared a firsthand experience where a customer, attempting to sign a receipt for a transaction involving a card with red markings, was not the card owner. Tingson observed the interaction during a busy lunchtime at the store.

“The girl ahead of me has a transaction that requires to sign a receipt. I’m not sure if it is because of a PWD or discount card, but definitely I saw a card with red markings. It wasn’t the customer’s card but her companions,” Tingson wrote in his Facebook post.

The cashier, identified as Jenny, politely but firmly requested the card owner’s signature. Despite the customer’s assertive response, Jenny insisted on adhering to the policy, explaining the necessity of the owner’s signature. The cashier maintained her stance, stating, “Hindi po talaga pwede.” The customer complied by following the cashier and calling the card owner.

In his post, Tingson expressed admiration for Jenny’s professionalism and called for more individuals to follow her example. He highlighted the incident as a reminder to respect store policies and refrain from pressuring cashiers into compromising situations.

“Imagine how many like this are happening every day in any store. We need more of Jenny (the cashier). And stop bullying cashiers, pls if you are on the wrong side,” he noted, emphasizing the lesson learned from the situation.

The post concluded with a plea to cease bullying cashiers and emphasized the importance of supporting those who uphold fair and secure transactions.

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