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3 Major Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lower Your Standards For Anyone


3 Major Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Lower Your Standards For Anyone

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Have you heard and seen the latest trend on TikTok wherein, alongside Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer playing in the background, people share their experiences about why they wouldn’t lower their standards?

It may be fascinating to read some of the entries, but the real question lies beneath those swooning experiences: Is it crucial not to lower your standards? Does it really matter?

Truth be told, it really does, and ladies, keep your chin up because there are many reasons you should not lower your standards when it comes to relationships, friendships, or any aspect of life in general, or simply not just for anyone.

1. Keep in mind that things really take time

“Do not rush; you must know that some matters take time,” – hearing these words are a bit cliche, but there’s a reason why it has become cliche or why you have been attending this all the time.

When it comes to romantic relationships, there is a reason why there is such a thing called ‘slow burn’ in romantic novels and films. Slow burn is the attraction between two characters that build up over time.

The connection between two people builds up over time. It starts with attraction, followed by the foundation of trust, love, and support.

As for your career, you have to start from the bottom until you reach the top. There are many things you have to learn and experience before you assume the role that you have always wanted. After all, it may sound cliche, but the wait is always worth it.

2. Save yourself from further trouble and heartbreaks

This is why it is essential to understand that things really take time. It would help if you always remembered that everything in our lives should be considered and viewed as an investment.

The career you have been working hard for? You give out your time, resources, and energy to build it. The relationship you’ve been staying in? You are pouring out all of your time, resources, and emotions.

If the career or the relationship you’ve been in is exhausting you and no longer contributing to your personal growth, then it is the best time to leave.

If you are longing for a relationship just because everyone around you has their respective partners or has been thriving in their careers, remind yourself that you will soon have your turn.

Suppose you got yourself into a relationship because you’re feeling lonely, sooner or later. In that case, you will realize that It is a waste of time and energy to stay with a partner who is only giving you the bare minimum or neglecting you. It will trap you for a long period of misery if you stay in a career that doesn’t give you all the learnings you need to grow professionally.

Lowering your standards for relationships, career, friendships, or any aspect of life only entraps you into a life filled with loneliness and regrets.

It may feel saddening at first, but it is more heartbreaking to keep a front that you are satisfied with what you have even if you’re not.

3. Know your worth

Lowering your standards does not mean you are being high maintenance or too picky.

Setting standards regarding pursuing relationships, careers, and friendships mean you know what you want to have and what you want to do, and most importantly, you know what you deserve. You have a sense of what you are capable of having.

It is essential to always keep in mind your worth. After everything you have experienced in your life, you deserve the best, and you deserve to have the inner peace and joy you would genuinely cherish.

Remember that you do not spend a long time in front of the mirror prepping your makeup and choosing your outfit just to be ignored by your date.

Most importantly, always remind yourself that you do not deserve unreciprocated energy and love from your efforts in relationships, careers, and friendships.

If it no longer matches your standards, then it is time for you to walk away. There is no harm, and it is not entirely wrong with the act of not lowering your standards. Having standards means you know your worth, and you are protecting yourself. These standards will also be the basis of the choices and decisions you will make in your life.

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