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5 Home Decor Tips to Beat Rainy Day Blues


5 Home Decor Tips to Beat Rainy Day Blues

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Wet roads, filthy floods, heavier traffic and gloomy atmosphere, the monsoon season can definitely dampen your spirit. If you are an outdoorsy person and a summer lover, the rain is truly a foe.

Ah, the comfort of home on wet seasons! This is a time when it could be your only escape from the inconveniences brought by the gloomy days, but sometimes with poorly-designed interiors, you can still end up feeling down even when you are indoors. To get the effect you are looking for, here are five home designing tips this wet season from NorthPine Land, Inc. (NLI), a developer known for fashioning top-of-the-line living spaces. Make sure to take the interior setup of NLI houses as your pegs.


Montana Strands

Liven up a space by throwing in some happy colors. Opt for bright-colored cushion covers and throws or experiment with some bold prints. Swap your greys, blues and dark hues for pinks or bright shades of tangerine such as citrus. Check out how we executed this in the model units below.

Montana Strands Montana Strands

Light plays a very important role in the interiors of a home and its décor as it gets rid of the gloomy atmosphere from dark spaces. You can experiment mood lights, scented candles and even chandeliers to make the house look and feel cozy and inviting. Place floor lamps in corners to eliminate shadows and offer a peripheral illumination that brightens up the entire room.


Montana Strands Montana Views
Who says that umbrella stands can’t make nice entrance statements? Use a sleek vase or a unique-looking basket at your front door as an umbrella stand and entrance decor at the same time. Similarly, use a non-boring coat hanger to wow your guests! Aesthetics with a purpose is always a smart idea.

Bring out all your vases and empty wine bottles. Fill them up with the colors of the season from local blooms like sunflowers, rain lilies or orchids. There is nothing like a house filled with lovely flowers!

Montana Views Montana Views
Amidst cool monsoon breezes and rains, wind chimes give a sweet and pleasant sound. The soothing music will surely lift your spirits when you hear it.
Now, you can spend better days at home and just let the rains pour with a feel-good mood. It is as simple as these five simple tips. To better appreciate and understand how these interiors are done, see them in person at Montana Views and Montana Strands, NLI’s lifestyle communities in Pampanga.
If you have other rainy season-inspired décor ideas in mind and some photos perhaps, share them in the comments below. Happy home-decorating!
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