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7 Cool And Funny Websites To Help You Get Rid Of Boring Hours


7 Cool And Funny Websites To Help You Get Rid Of Boring Hours

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Millenials can relate to this question: Have you ever had difficulty sleeping after a long day of work or study? Your body is tired and you have sleepy eyes, but your mind is still alive. You attempt to sleep in your most comfortable sleeping position, but you become frustrated because your mind does not allow you to sleep.

There are also instances that you feel more exhausted upon scrolling down your phone because you’re seeing the same-feeds all over your social media accounts.

Yes, it happens to everyone. And no one wants to be in that situation again and again.

Perhaps your mind is looking for something funny, crazy, yet really entertaining to read and do online. Well, this article will talk about seven websites that might actually help you kill your time in the funniest way possible!

1. Google Street View

Google Street View is a Google Maps feature that lets users see and explore 360-degree horizontal and 290-degree vertical panoramic street level photographs of cities around the world.

This is so much fun to explore online because you can really see the exact structures, locations, street names, landmarks, and all the beautiful places in the world. Simply enter any location and Google Street View will take you to all of the places you want to visit! This is a great website for those people who are afraid of commuting alone but are forced to go out. Alone!

2. PostSecret

Here’s the website that posts secrets revealed by anonymous people online sent through postcards! When you visit this website, you’ll be immediately introduced to tons of secret confessions that are funny, horrifying, tear-jerker, and all the emotions you can feel upon reading their posted secrets. PostSecret is one of those good kill-time websites that will draw you in for a long time until you realize you’ve gotten rid of your remaining hours. You can also share your secrets here and send in a postcard to the address posted on the website!

3. Not Always Right

Erase those thoughts that customers are always right, because Not Always Right will prove you wrong! This website, made out of fun and weirdness, is designed to post stories of people around the world with funny, ignorant, and just plain mad customers over something. If you’re working in sales and retail, this will surely make you laugh because all the entries are on-point and relatable. Try this out now and if your story is weird, it will trend and be placed on top of the website!

4. The Oatmeal

Looking for a kind of comic that you will never guess how the story will end until the very last volume of it? Visit The Oatmeal online to see it for yourself! Known for posting the funniest comic strips online, you surely need a good laugh after a tiring day of work or study!

5. This Is Why I Am Broke

This is Why I Am Broke is also known as the Internet’s mall. If you’re out of ideas for what gifts you might want to give to your loved ones, go to this website and you’ll see tons of ideas waiting for you! This is by far the easiest go-to website in terms of looking for something different and a unique type of gift that is not usually posted online!

6. Forgotify

Thanks to Forgotify! This is the home of millions of undiscovered and underrated songs on Spotify that have been placed on this website for good listening in your ear! If you’re into underrated artists and you like the feeling of listening to songs that are not found in the mainstream, this is the website for you!

7. I Waste So Much Time

This is the website you have to visit if your only intention of being online is to waste your time! I Waste So Much Time helps you waste your time as much as you want to. You will see long articles, funny pictures with embedded texts, and more. If you’re looking for a website to make you laugh during your short breaks before returning to your exhausting work or study routine, I Waste So Much Time might work for you!

There you have it! These are the seven websites you might actually want to try online. Just remember that wasting your time should either be productive or give you a good laugh!

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