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Baguio Residents Show Kindness Returning Lost Belongings To Its Rightful Owners


Baguio Residents Show Kindness Returning Lost Belongings To Its Rightful Owners

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Goodwill still prevails in the hearts of many, as Baguio residents showed kindness to other individuals by returning lost money and belongings to their rightful owners.

Sharing good vibes with the community, the Baguio City Public Information Office unveiled stories of residents who surrendered personal belongings to their office after finding them in random places and even in their taxis.

Just recently, the local government posted on its Facebook page a compilation of the returned personal belongings from residents.

One of the lost belongings posted is a mobile phone that was raised in the public information office before. The resident personally handed over the phone to its rightful owner.

“Yung phone po is nabalik na kahapon ni Sir Benjamin Cuanguey Tanan. Thank you, Sir Benjamin! God bless you, po,” the rightful owner of the phone, Ryleen, said in its message to the local government.

Aside from the lost phone, a Baguio resident also raised concern after finding unclaimed money on an ATM machine. According to the resident, the rightful owner of the money was not able to get her money on the machine after waiting for too long, assuming that the machine was not in service.

“Mother na naka uniform na nagwidraw sa Landbank ATM at Post Office at hindi nakaantay kase nag logged yung ATM machine, kinancel at umalis agad, lumabas na po nawidraw mo, tinurned-over ko na sa Traffic Enforcement Unit sa baba ng SM kahapon,” the resident said.

With the kindness shown by these residents, a lot of individuals have commended their generosity and honesty in giving back these lost items, even in these trying times when money is a problem for many.

“Good Samaritan, keep up the good work; we are proud of you,” a netizen commented on the said post.

Two taxi drivers were also recognized by the local government after returning lost wallets and bags containing personal belongings, such as a laptop, after unconsciously leaving them behind the vehicle after reaching their customers’ destination.

“I tried offering him a small amount [of money] as a gesture of thanks, but hindi niya tinaggap. Naalala ko sabi niya po sakin gusto niyang baguhin yung iniisip ng mga tao na hindi marunong magbalik ang mga taxi drivers kapag may pasahero silang nawawalan,” the rightful owner of the wallet said.

The owner also commended the effort shown by the taxi driver after going to the nearest jeepney terminal on his drop-off just to inform them that the wallet was surrendered in their barangay.

The kindness from these individuals is living proof that even though there is negativity in society, the honesty and compassion of the people in the community will still give hope to each one of us, as this inspires other people to stay kind even in trying times.

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