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Connie Mariano Becomes The Only Filipino To Judge At The Miss Universe 2023


Connie Mariano Becomes The Only Filipino To Judge At The Miss Universe 2023

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Dr. Ealeanor Concepcio “Connie” Mariano is the sole Filipino-American among the selection committee for the upcoming 72nd Miss Universe 2023 happening on November 18 in El Salvador.

Mariano is the current President of the Center for Executive Medicine (CEM), closely related to her former professional experiences, she was an intern and resident in San Diego’s Naval Hospital, even garnering multiple positions.

She became the first military woman and Filipino-American to be the Director of the White House Medical Unit, then President William Clinton personally chose her to be his personal physician in 1994 and until 2001 to three more US Presidents.

After retiring in June 2001 as a Rear Navy Admiral and five years as a consultant in Scottsdale, Arizona’s Mayo Clinic, she pursued the medical field by founding CEM in November 2005.

In sharing her outstanding career, Mariano wrote a book of her remarkable experiences titled ‘The White House Doctor’ which can be purchased online on her personal official website.

Mariano showed great excellence in building her career as a Filipino and American, her woman strength comes from the desire to make a mark for the world to remember and undoubtedly made her one of the judges for such a prestigious beauty pageant.

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