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Harvard University Unveils Its First-Ever Instructor For Filipino Language


Harvard University Unveils Its First-Ever Instructor For Filipino Language

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After adding the study of the Filipino language to the curriculum at one of the stellar universities in the United States, Harvard University, the university announced its first-ever Filipino teacher to instruct Tagalog students.

On August 25, the Harvard University Asia Center and the Department of South Asian Studies introduced the new preceptor for subjects in Filipino (Tagalog), Pinay professor Lady Aileen Orsal.

Harvard University agreed to make a subject tackling the Filipino language available to its students, noting that Tagalog is the fourth language that is used by most individuals in the United States after English, Spanish, and Chinese.

The Filipino (Tagalog) subject will be deployed for students starting this fall, noting the presence of its newly hired professor.

Professor Orsal was disclosed to start as a teaching assistant for Filipino subjects on introductory and intermediate levels at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University. Orsal finished her mass communication degree at a university in Cavite, Philippines, in 2012 and earned her master’s degree in Philippine studies in 2017.

Besides these academic degrees, the Filipina is currently completing two other master’s degrees in communication and Philippine studies to expand her knowledge and give in-depth learning to her students at Harvard University.

“She also has an impressive background in Philippine Studies, including Philippine culture, history, and politics. She has conducted research and published on traditional tattoo art, the coffee culture of the Philippines, and the use of music in political campaign jingles,” the Harvard University Asia Center disclosed.

The announcement for the first-ever preceptor for Filipino (Tagalog) subjects was unveiled the same way as the newest professor for Indonesian subjects, who also represented an exemplary distinction when it comes to the said languages. “We also look forward to working with them to develop, highlight, and showcase the richness and variety of the history and cultures of the Philippines and Indonesia through events on the Harvard campus,” the Harvard University Asia Center said.

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