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Having A Hard Time Deciding What To Wear? These Basic, Chic Looking Outfits Are For You


Having A Hard Time Deciding What To Wear? These Basic, Chic Looking Outfits Are For You

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We’ve all been there, standing in front of the closet, debating with ourselves in the mirror with literally no idea what to wear, wanting to throw all our clothes at the same time. Even torturing friends and family to help you decide what to wear. When in fact, there are a lot of unnoticed outfit worthy clothes in our cabinet.

It really takes a lot of time to decide what outfit you will wear, especially with a ton of choices and knowing that your outfits will highly affect your mood or feelings.

Girls usually attach their emotions to their clothes. When they accidentally wear an outfit that doesn’t give them enough feeling of being pretty/sexy/thin is a major catastrophe for them, which affects their mood for the whole day or as long as they wear those clothes. In order to prevent that feeling, here are some basic but chic outfits you definitely should try:


Every girl has a plain white t-shirt. Some may think of it only for ‘pambahay’ clothes, but white is indeed elegant in many ways, so you should try wearing it outside. White could be a partner in anything, but it could also be the best with jeans, a belt, and sneakers or loafers.


There is no denying that this duo is the national dress this season. Teenagers, millennial moms, and titas are literally joining this trend. It is a very simple, classy and chic looking outfit, truly, ‘lakas makabagets’. This one can also be worn anywhere and anytime.


If you’re into partying, you should definitely have this one. Pinoy actress Julia Barretto proved that this simple outfit can look so nice and sexy, especially if you dance and swing to the tune of the dancing queen. This can be paired with flats or heels.


Not a lot of girls are fans of jeans. Luckily, shorts and skirts are good signature outfits as well. This is the key if you want to show some skin. Also, a perfect outfit for summer and for cute pictures. This can be paired with sneakers, sandals, or the best choice will be high-cut shoes.


A button down can be paired with jeans, shorts, or trousers. It looks pretty nice, casual and elegant. It is wearable to work or a semi-formal event.

Clothes and outfits for different occasions are indeed a major problem for girls. Everybody wants to look good and stand out. We always look for some clothes that are so extravagant that we forget we have something striking but simpler and much more affordable.

Sometimes the artistry isn’t always on the clothes, it is on you. You have to use your creativity to make some eye-catching outfits in your cabinet. With that being said, there will be fewer problems with clothes and more creativity with mismatched clothes.

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