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Ifugao Welder Uses Automotive Scraps To Build His Art Pieces


Ifugao Welder Uses Automotive Scraps To Build His Art Pieces

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He spares no piece wasted, Kelvi Galap from Ifugao, crafted masterpieces from auto parts and exhibited them in Fiesta Kucha at Hotel Supreme, Baguio.

Galap studied a technical-vocational course, Automotive Servicing NC II, at the Northern Luzon Technical Institute, yet his unstable income as a mechanic and hobby of looting spare parts soon led him to become a brilliant and innovative welder.

Galap’s art pieces ranged from regular to medium scales, while the themes were either transportation, common objects, or fantasy.

Among his crafts, the centerpiece at his stall is what stunned exhibit viewers and online netizens: the Pirate Ship, which the film Pirates of the Caribbean inspired.

Although the Fiesta Kucha Exhibit has ended, the public can still visit the pirate ship at El Paso, Molave Street, Poblacion East in Lagawe.

Galap has always been passionate in his field; aside from being a loving father and son, he is among several sustainable artists who believe there is more than the junk that we dispose of.

It is true that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure by looking beyond the purpose of what it’s made for.

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https://www.facebook.com/KbeeMetalArtWork, https://www.facebook.com/hanzo.rogers

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