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Leche Flan Ranks As The Third ‘Best Rated Custard In The World’


Leche Flan Ranks As The Third ‘Best Rated Custard In The World’

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Rating the ten best desserts with custard as their main ingredient, the international food magazine TasteAtlas ranked the Filipino delicacy leche flan as the third-best custard in the world.

On August 23, TasteAtlas released its list of its best-tasting custard desserts based on the ratings of its surveyed individuals.

Known by many Filipinos, especially when there’s a special occasion, leche flan made it to the top three of the list with its outstanding taste.

Leche flan is a known Filipino dessert that is composed of milk, sugar, eggs, and, of course, caramel custard. It is commonly presented chilled and in an oval-shaped form as it is cooked by Filipinos in llaneras.

“Leche flan is very popular at numerous Filipino celebrations and social gatherings. Originally, it was brought over to the Philippines during the Spanish colonization, so it is believed that it has origins in the regions on the border of Spain and France,” TasteAtlas described.

With its sweetness and rich custard taste, leche flan is not only perfect to be eaten alone but can also be paired with other Filipino delicacies, such as halo-halo.

Alongside leche flan on the list are desserts from other countries, such as frozen custard from America and crème brûlée from France.

With this ranking from TasteAtlas, do you agree that leche flan is one of the best custard-made desserts worldwide?


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