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‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’: Reunited And Ready For Celebrations!


‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3’: Reunited And Ready For Celebrations!

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After seven years, the hit movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” will be back on an important mission.

To recap, the last sequel of the movie showed how Toula Portokalos and Ian Miller redo their wedding after knowing their marriage was invalid due to an unsigned wedding license.

This year, the family will experience a rollercoaster journey once again as they travel to their homeland, Greece.

On May 11, Universal Pictures UK released the first official trailer of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3,’ starting with what happened after Toula and Ian got married and became a family.

Based on the trailer that was released, here are the things that we know so far about the Portokalos family.

1. Death of Gus Portokalos

In August 2021, the actor who played the role of Gus Portokalos died at the age of 94. Hence, in commemoration of the great actor, the movie will still feature the character of Gus.

In fact, the third sequel of the upcoming movie is centered on his last dying wish, which is to reconnect Toula and her family to their homeland.

With this, Gus tasked Toula with bringing her family to Greece to get to know their roots and experience life in their birthplace once again.

2. Operation: Finding Gus’ best friend

Along with Gus’ dying wish for his family on going to Greece, it was also mentioned by Toula in the trailer that she was asked by her father to find his best friend.

But this will not be an easy task for Toula because her father only gave her an old picture of his best friend without even saying the name or the specific place where she could find him.

This is where the exciting part comes in because Toula and her family will have been urged to explore the whole of Greece just to find her father’s friend. And knowing her family, it will be a chaotic but fun journey!

3. Bigger reunion with the Greek family!

As mentioned earlier, Gus’ wish is to reconnect the Portokalos family with their other relatives in Greece. This means, more family members and a bigger reunion of the Greek family!

In the trailer, it was seen how the Portokalos family was known in Greece as a new character who easily recognized the family after landing at the airport.

This scene from the trailer also showed how the Portokalos are family-oriented, as they already accepted this new character even though they are far related to each other.

4. Reunion of Aristotle and Paris Miller

Yes, you read it right. The Portokalos family is not the only one to have a reunion with their other relatives, but also Aristotle and Paris Miller!

In the trailer, the two characters unexpectedly saw each other on the plane going to Greece.

Being surprised by Aristotle’s present, Paris was obviously teased by her aunt Voula, who said that the two used to date, but Paris left him hanging.

This reunion might be the start of the relationship between the two, as it was also shown in the trailer how they bonded with each other during their trip to Greece.

5. More fun-filled adventures with the Portokalos family!

Out of all these things to expect in the upcoming movie, what is really the most anticipated of them all are the hilarious and relatable scenes that the Portokalos family will do in the upcoming movie.

During the past two sequels, the characters never failed to give us good laughs, and rest assured they will be back for more this year, starting with the trailer.

Besides being a funny Greek family, Portokalos will surely never fail to give us family life lessons that are really relevant, especially in today’s generation.

The third sequel to the movie was announced by Focus Features, one of its producers, to be on September 8.

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