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PH Women’s Team Writes History With Their First World Cup Win


PH Women’s Team Writes History With Their First World Cup Win

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The Philippines Women’s National Football Team made a historic victory as they won their first FIFA Women’s World Cup match against New Zealand with a 0-1 score at full time.

On July 25, the New Zealand vs. Philippines match was held at the Wellington Regional Stadium, with Philippines Forward Sarina Bolden scoring the Philippines’ first-ever goal in history.

Behind the goal that shocked everyone in the stadium is Philippines Midfielder Sara Eggesvik with her tremendous and accurate cross to Sarina while at the 60-meter part of the pitch.

“It was an amazing headed [goal] from Sarina. This was a team effort. We wouldn’t have [won] if we didn’t have that; defense and everything. I’m just so proud of the team. We worked so hard,” Sara told a local radio station.

Born in California, Sarina disclosed that the Philippines Women’s National Football Team does not really focus on where they came from but rather on their experience as soccer players and being at the World Cup.

“So it doesn’t necessarily matter to us, where you were born and raised. I think the one thing that does truly connect us is being Filipino,” she said in an interview with a German sports media outlet.

In the same interview, their Australian coach Alen Stacjic said, “Ultimately they all have Filipino blood; they all love their country; they all love their heritage and culture, so getting the buy-in is actually not difficult.”

The match is the Philippines’ first win after they played against Switzerland on July 21 and New Zealand’s first loss after playing against Norway in the opening match on July 20.

Qualifying for the first time, the Philippines Women’s Team made their debut at the FIFA Women’s World Cup this year in history.

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