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Puspin Bags Awards At The World Cat Federation’s International Cat Show


Puspin Bags Awards At The World Cat Federation’s International Cat Show

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A short-haired puspin (pusang Pinoy) from Manila received surprising recognition and hauled numerous awards at the Funtastic Felines! Coral Jubilee International Cat Show.

Broite the puspin, which is named after her black, brown, and white colors, bagged four excellent remarks from all judges, was nominated for “Best in Show” twice, named “Best in Show Household Pet Shorthair” twice, and hailed “Best of Best Household Pet Class” and “9th Place Coral Jubilee Master Ring 1” out of 106 cats.

Broite’s fur tita, Thessam Maranan, said that the international cat show is Broite’s first competition.

“Some fellow exhibitors and spectators asked what breed Broite is and were surprised that she is a PUSPIN because of her luxurious, sleek, shiny coat and beautiful print,” Maranan said on social media.

“Let this post also be an awareness that PUSPINS, or our very own Philippine Shorthair cats, shouldn’t be looked down on and are equally as beautiful, important, and affectionate as the other more recognized, expensive, and prestigious breeds,” she added.

Meanwhile, Broite’s fur mom, LG Maranan, shared that Broite is not just an ordinary “pusang Pinoy” for she is a wonderful and beautiful cat on the inside and out.

“Unbeknownst to all, she would often help me ground myself whenever I get one of those nasty “episodes” by kneading on me and purring ever so loudly. Other times she’s just a soft cuddle bug despite her tsundere-ish façade,” she expressed on a Facebook post.

The “Funtastic Felines! The Coral Jubilee International Cat Show” was organized by the Feline Council of the Philippines, Inc. in celebration of the World Cat Federation’s 35th anniversary last July 29 to 30.

Over 100 cats of different breeds competed in the said competition, where the cats’ overall physique, breed standards, character, coat, and proper grooming were examined by international judges.

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