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Shoe Business Customizes Footwear For Persons With Foot Irregularities


Shoe Business Customizes Footwear For Persons With Foot Irregularities

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It’s truly a Cinderella moment when you’ve found the right shoe and no doubt, the Marikina shoe business, Shoe Room, fulfills this moment for everyone.

Shoe Room is currently managed by second-generation shoemaker Abby Medina, but it was her father’s shoe factory back in 1986 that made her decide to continue his legacy.

Medina decided to cater to requests from family and friends, who began accepting customization. According to them, the common concerns of their first customers were about having comfortable shoes for different occasions.

Medina posted that one of her customers in 2018, William Biscocho, who has gigantism, stands at 7 feet and 4 inches tall, thus having large feet that require customized shoes and not just large sizes.

Despite being their first time making shoes for a person with gigantism, Medina sweetly wrote in her caption “Shoes for a Gentle Giant.”, She also included photos of the step-by-step shoe-making process for Biscocho.

Besides inclusivity, it brings Medina happiness to see that their shoe business does not only sell for necessity but also for awareness of unique foot structures.

Shoe Room had recently gone viral for their customized shoe in August. Their customer, Nicky Pallera, who suffers from gouty arthritis, was able to wear shoes again that would not be too tight or too hard to strap on.

It took four months for Shoe Room to create the fitting shoe for Pallera, as they took into account several factors that could affect him when wearing or doing any activity with shoes.

After much trial and error, two pairs of customized shoes were produced: one pair of sneakers and one leather one for Pallera’s convenience, and he was able to use the leather one for his daughter’s graduation.

“Kaya grateful talaga ako kina Miss Abby at sa team niya. Akalain mo makakapagsapatos pa ako? Talagang ‘di ko na ine-expect na makakapagsapatos pa ako dahil sa kalagayan ng paa ko,” Pallero explains to a local news outlet.

Shoe Room inspires business owners and entrepreneurs to take part in the inclusivity of their ventures that could bring happiness and a legacy while striving for special requests from special people to be catered to daily.

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