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Team PH Bags Medal During The UIPM Biathle And Triathle World Championships 2023


Team PH Bags Medal During The UIPM Biathle And Triathle World Championships 2023

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The Philippine team set another record after receiving over seven recognitions during the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) Championship this year.

Recently, Filipino athletes have competed in the world championships of the UIPM in Bali, Indonesia. A total of seven athletes were able to clinch different recognitions, from gold to bronze medals.

For the gold medals, Filipino athletes Princess Arbilon, Juliana Sevilla, and Shyra Mae Aranzado aced their competition in the Girls Triathle Individual Juniors and Biathle Junior Team categories.

Meanwhile, Shyra Aranzado, Samuel German, and Joseph Godbout won silver recognitions for the Biathle Mixed Relay Seniors, Girls Triathle Individual Juniors, and Boys Triathle Individual Under 17 divisions.

Last but definitely not least, athletes Juliana Sevilla, Samuel German, and Shyra Aranzado have clinched bronze medals for the Triathle Mixed Relay Seniors and Biathle Junior Women’s Individual Category.

The UIPM is an organization that embodies modern pentathlon. It was founded in 1948 and launched a set of competitions that highlight the concept of running and shooting as part of a standalone sport. The said organization also promotes multi-disciplinary sports such as laser run, tetrathlon, biathlon, triathlon, and world school biathlon, which the said Filipino athletes won recently.

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