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Top 5 Places In The Philippines Where You Can Meditate And Self-Reflect


Top 5 Places In The Philippines Where You Can Meditate And Self-Reflect

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This time of the year, we all wanted the same thing: self-reflection and detachment. We rarely get the chance to be more in touch with ourselves to reflect and meditate because of the demanding nature of our busy lives. Hence, let us not stay within the comfort spaces of our home and do things that we’ve been longing to do for ourselves — temporarily detaching the world and connecting more with our inner self.

Work or school break is the best opportunity to get revitalized from the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion brought by the past months and for someone with a hectic schedule, this one of the longest holiday breaks should be used as an advantage to have a meaningful meditation. Deciding where to go this holiday, here’s a list of places to visit for peace and self-reflection.


Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain, Antipolo

If you want to free the weight of the world on your shoulder, you just have to walk for some time and go somewhere calm where you can let everything out with devotion or meditation. This is what Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo wanted you to experience. With its spacious garden and farm and the facilities meant for the guests to have their quiet time like prayer rooms, Touch of Glory will help you reconnect with yourself at the same time with nature as it is a great place for a peaceful retreat nestled in the mountainous area of Antipolo.


Monasterio de Tarlac, San Jose, Tarlac

Located on top of Mount Resurrection Eco Park at San Jose Tarlac, this Holy week travel destination houses a relic that is ‘believed to be a fragment of the True Cross of Jesus’. One of the most visited Holy week destinations in Central Luzon, it also stands as a must-visit place to worship for Christian Catholics. The Eco Park, aside from the scenic view of nature, also possesses a welcoming sight of the church’s proud white façade and the 30-foot-high statue of the Risen Christ — reminiscent of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer of Brazil.


Mt. Ulap, Benguet

Self-reflection during the Holy week is all about peace in the silence atop. Among the thoughts swirling in your head that worry you, a plain nature trip is a wonderful thing you can do for yourself this week. Worth your time, money, and effort, Mount Ulap offers you to organize your thoughts and feelings with its stunning view. Hiking offers a chance for self-reflection to celebrate yourself- nature reminds you that there is still beauty out in the bad things that occurred in your life. Here, you can be reminded of your achievements, rejections, failures, and the saving grace that keeps you pursuing the life you wanted.


The Farm at San Benito, Batangas

Going just a little further in the south, you can finally go on a day with only yourself or your family and friends to your most comfortable time at The Farm at San Benito in Batangas. Here, you can find exceptional places to meditate, rest, or just do whatever makes you complete. Indulge in the beauty of nature or treat yourself to a quiet time as you take part in meditation activities and nature walks inclusive in The Farm’s holistic activities set to bring healing and comfort more than ever for the guests.


San Fernando, Pampanga

Chances are you’ve been to Pampanga and were told to make sure to be back during Holy week or you know someone who went to Pampanga during Holy week and excitedly told you to never skip the historical churches and religious shrines that people from around the globe admire. Before going to your final Pampanga itinerary for the relaxation you wanted, make sure to visit and witness the numerous ‘reenactments of the crucifixion of Christ’ and see how devotees practice their faith in their ways — a good opportunity to see how people reflect on themselves in different ways.

Sometimes, everything is just too much for you and it feels like you just need some time alone with yourself. In this time of Holy week, we take what the crucifixion of Christ has brought us while reflecting and finding ourselves on our journey to somewhere. So, go anywhere during your short leave to meditate, self-reflect, and grow living in pure happiness.

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