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Two Museums To Showcase Philippine Presidents


Two Museums To Showcase Philippine Presidents

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Malacañang will open two museums, the Bahay Ugnayan and the Teus Mansion, for heritage tours aimed at showcasing the life and legacies of the Philippine presidents.

The public may avail of free admission to Bahay Ugnayan and Teus Mansion from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. starting June 1, the Presidential Communications Office announced in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos, together with their son, Simon, opened the historical structures inside the Palace complex in Manila.

The President invited the public to visit the Malacañang heritage structures and catch a glimpse of the country’s history.

Among those opened by the First Family were the Bahay Ugnayan Museum, Goldenberg Mansion and Teus Mansion, the first time the three structures are being opened to the public.

“It is now open to the public. I invite everyone to come in there. Puntahan ninyo, lalo na ‘yung ating mga estudyante na nais makita ang lahat ng mga pangulo ng ating Republika ay nandiyan lahat. Nandiyan ‘yung kaunting kuwento ng kanilang buhay at ngayon ay officially open na (especially the students so that you can catch a glimpse of all the presidents of our Republic. You will also read their short stories and now these are officially open) and that is why I am inviting everyone to come,” Marcos said as he met his supporters and members of the Malacañang Press Corps at the Goldenberg Mansion.

“If you are in this part of the city, come and visit. It’s very educational definitely. It’s free by the way. We don’t charge an entrance fee, so come one and come all and I think that you will find it very, very interesting.”

The President described the Goldenberg Mansion as a “very beautiful old house” bought by his mother, former first lady Imelda Marcos. It was used as a guest house for some formal functions.

The Teus Mansion, on the other hand, was bought after the Goldenberg Mansion, and turned into a Presidential Museum.

“It is a museum of all the presidents of the Philippines, with a short description of the circumstances that brought them to power and some of the achievements that they had during their time as president,” Marcos said.

The First Lady spearheaded the Malacañang Heritage Tours, an initiative that seeks to promote the rich history of Philippine presidents and their indelible contributions to the nation, according to the Presidential News Desk (PND).

Bahay Ugnayan features Marcos’ “Road to Malacañang,” focusing on his life from his childhood to his presidency.

The museum also highlights Marcos’ childhood days when Malacañan Palace became his home during the presidency of his late father and namesake, Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

Bahay Ugnayan also spotlights Marcos’ presidential win during the May 9, 2022 elections.

“At the Bahay Ugnayan Museum, visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the life and times of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. The experience provides a unique opportunity to explore the formative years of President Marcos, witness the defining moments of his tenure, and marvel at the campaign materials that paved the path to his presidency,” Malacañang said.

Visitors may also leave a message to Marcos by using the laptops displayed inside the museum.

The Teus Mansion, meanwhile, showcases the vibrant and diverse history of Philippine presidents, housing an extensive collection of priceless memorabilia.

“Within its walls, visitors can marvel at presidential attire, footwear, flags, and exquisitely sculpted busts, paying homage to our revered leaders,” the Palace said.

The Teus Mansion also dedicates a corner to the portraits of the First Ladies who played a pivotal role in shaping both the presidency and the nation as a whole.

The Teus Mansion was built by Valentin Teus for his family in the last quarter of the 19th century and restored by British designer Ronnie Laing in 1975. After its renovation, it served as a guest house during the time of Marcos Sr.

The Malacañang Heritage Tours seek to preserve the past and reshape the future by offering a comprehensive view of the Philippine presidency, tracing its roots, evolution, and impact on the nation.

Those who opt for a guided tour may make a reservation by contacting Malacañang through the e-mail address or telephone number (02) 8735-6080.

On May 12, Marcos signed Executive Order 26, allowing the opening of Malacañang Heritage Mansions as a “venue for special events, programs, and temporary exhibitions.”


Goldenberg Series

Apart from the Malacañang Heritage Tours, the Goldenberg Series, a cultural initiative aimed at raising awareness and celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of the Philippines, was also launched.

The series serves as a “stepping stone for emerging artists and cultural practitioners,” providing them with the opportunity to showcase their talents and contribute to the preservation and promotion of the country’s cultural identity, the PND said.

“This series serves as a platform to raise awareness and celebrate the diverse cultural heritage of the Philippines through a variety of captivating events. From enthralling performances to enlightening exhibitions and educational programs, the Goldenberg Series showcases the richness and vibrancy of Filipino culture,” it said. “Through these activities, the series cultivates a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Philippines’ cultural heritage, both within the country and on the global stage.”

The Goldenberg Series, the Palace said, would play a vital role in ensuring the thriving cultural legacy of the Philippines in the modern world.

“It acts as a guiding beacon, inspiring future generations to embrace and cherish their cultural traditions, thus safeguarding the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage for years to come,” it said. (PNA)

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