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Underrated OPM Bands You Should Also Listen To


Underrated OPM Bands You Should Also Listen To

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OPM is not dead! The Filipino music scene is brimming with undiscovered talents, they just needed to be heard and supported.

While there’s nothing wrong with subscribing to mainstream music, it’s high time that you broaden your musical horizon by listening to lesser-known musical acts. You never know, maybe you’ll find your next favorite band.

Here are some underrated bands keeping the OPM scene alive that you should definitely listen to!


If you are into feel-good music with mellow-sounding and catchy pop tunes, then this band will definitely be your cup of Joe, pun definitely intended! Cup of Joe is a six-member band from Baguio composed of senior high school friends Edgar Gian Bernardino (vocalist), Raphael Ridao (vocalist), Vixen Gareza (pianist), Antonio Gabriel Fernandez (lead guitarist), Raphael Severino (bassist), and CJ Fernandez (rhythm guitarist). The band is destined for a life of music, as most of the members come from a family with musical backgrounds.

While the group is still trying to find their own sound, their goal is to produce music that people listen to when they know a refreshing mood booster to get them through the day.

Their latest single, “Estranghero” is an upbeat song with a wistful theme of estranged relationships. It’s about the connections we lose with the people we once loved.


Bita and the Botflies is all about the grooves! The quartet is composed of members Sofy Aldeguer (vocalist), Kevin Novenario-Navea (guitarist), Cyron Rizon (bassist), and Mark Lincallo (drummer). The band has managed to amass a cult following among the younger generation with their distinctive quirky and weird branding.

But behind those funky grooves and jazzy instrumentals, the four-piece group has also been known for their grit to sing about serious topics such as their song “Sisikat Ka Iha” which brings light to the objectification and abuse women face.


As their name suggests, Ourselves the Elves’ sound is magical, fantastical, and otherworldly. The independent band consists of Alyna Cabral (vocalist, guitarist), Aki Media (guitarist), Paulo Castillo (bassist), and Ponch Salvador (drummer).

The band has been categorized into various musical genres—from folk-pop, garage, shoegaze, psychedelic, and such. One thing is for sure, though, is that their music will make you feel like you’re floating through the clouds with their delicate tunes and whimsical synths. More than that, the band also knows how to pluck in your feelings with their emotional songwriting. Take for example their song “Uncertainly,” which perfectly captures the ache of yearning for someone you can never have.


Lola Amour has relatively been in the music industry for a little while now, but that doesn’t mean that they’re getting all the attention they deserve.

The septuplet, composed of Pio Dumayas (vocalist, guitarist), Martin Kim (keyboardist, vocalist), Raymond King (bassist, vocalist), Zoe Gonzales (lead guitarist), Angelo Mesina (trumpeter), Joxx Perez (saxophonist), and Renzo Santos (drummer), has their created their own distinct sound by blending funk, pop, and rock altogether.

Their single, “Fallen,” a song about a person wanting to confess their feelings to someone, has recently become a viral challenge on Tiktok.

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