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Ways To Deal With A Bad Boss So You Don’t Have To Quit


Ways To Deal With A Bad Boss So You Don’t Have To Quit

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What’s an ideal boss or manager? You probably have a ton of things in your mind to describe one. Now the question is, does your boss have those qualities? Nope? No?

Sometimes, it’s not really the workload that gives you stress and wants to make you quit. It’s your boss that ticks you off, making you want to hand in that resignation letter early. Toxic bosses in the workplace aren’t necessarily unique to you only. Thousands of people are working while silently cursing their managers and supervisors.

If you’re also experiencing the same thing and it’s getting on your nerves, then it’s about time you did something. Take a deep breath. Here’s how to deal with your toxic boss so you don’t have to sacrifice your work.

1. Identify the motivation
What could be driving your boss to act the way he is? Try to put yourself in their position and look at things from their point of view. Ask yourself, “If I was in this position, what would I want? What do I hate? What scares me?” and other things that could give you more insights about your boss.

Knowing where your boss is coming from and understanding how their mind works will help you figure out any action plan. You can plan how to deliver reports or converse with them in a way that will not tick them off.

2. Get the job done
Be proactive and try to stay one step ahead of him. Try to anticipate the other things or workloads your boss will give you. Prove to them that you’re more than capable of your job and an asset to the team and the company. But don’t do it to impress him, do it so you can minimize the interactions with him.

If you finished your tasks on time or submitted the reports ahead of the deadline, you can say goodbye to another earful. It will save you from any trouble, and it will also make you look reliable.

3. Don’t ruin your brand
Sometimes, when you come across a lousy leader, like your boss, you find it hard to work. You lose the will to do something and take the opportunity to slack off. You let your reports pile up, and you frequently file leaves. While it’s true that your boss never cares even when you work hard, other people might be watching you. Don’t check out whenever you want.

Stay focused on your work. Find a way to release your frustration instead of not finishing your tasks. Remember that you have to build your name too. Don’t let your bad boss make you a slacker and a whiner.

4. No gossiping
It may tempt you, but don’t do it. If you need to vent out, do it outside of the workplace with a friend or family member. Don’t become the bad person yourself by disparaging them or speaking negatively behind their back. Gossiping will ruin your reputation and credibility, not your boss’.

If you and your co-workers are experiencing the same thing, become each other’s confidant and lend an ear to listen. But don’t make any personal attacks on your boss. You might get fired before you can file your resignation.

5. Keep receipts
Some bad bosses give you an earful on almost everything, while others make you do all the office work. But if your boss is doing some severe bullying and abuse of power over you and your co-workers, then it’s time to collect your receipts.

Record videos or audio of when your superior is being abusive at work. Collect files or any printed materials that can prove that they’re power tripping you. Don’t go into instant confrontation mode, or it might get messy. Without proof, it would all be baseless accusations, which might backfire on you.

Follow the proper protocol in the company when filing a report to your superior. Let the legal team and HR handle the punishment. If cases are big enough to be taken to court, prepare yourself because it may become a long ride.

Our bosses are responsible for facilitating our learning and guiding us as we work to achieve our personal goals and those of the company. If they become too toxic, we can just quit and go. However, there are cases when it’s hard for us to leave the job because it means too much or the wage is enough to provide for our daily needs. Do something about your boss so you don’t have to hand over that resignation letter. It’s not forever, anyway. One of you would have to go or get transferred. So, until then, hang in there!

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