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Why should you invest in jewelry?


Why should you invest in jewelry?

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Throughout the course of history, jewelry has been offered as a trophy, an amulet, and sometimes, even art.  These beautiful adornments continue to hold real meaning and value.  They perfectly symbolize love, a celebration of milestones, and of course, the ultimate representation of wealth.

The value of money and jewelry have always been intertwined.  Just like money, jewelry is also used today as currency, inheritance, and investment.  Investing in jewelry, however, means equipping yourself with the right knowledge and responsibility

To this day, both money and jewelry continue to be used as currency, inheritance, and investment. But investing in jewelry requires the right knowledge and responsibility.  Where the value of money fluctuates on a daily basis as evidenced by the foreign exchange market, the value of jewelry continues to grow every year.

Despite the many global economic downturns, including the current pandemic that has severely affected the world’s economies, the value of jewelry has held strong. Though the price of gold, gold jewelry, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and other gemstones and precious stones also fluctuates, its value however has never truly depreciated significantly. Their value continues to steadily appreciate over time.  This is perhaps the reason why many investors prefer investing in jewelry more because it is less risky than other markets.

“What’s beautiful about investing in jewelry is that it is timeless and its value does not diminish. Real jewelry becomes more valuable over time and it is a great investment asset to have as it pays dividends in the future,” said Tyzianna Teves of Just Jewels.

Bright Beginnings Black Friday Grand Sale

From November 23 to 29, 2020, Just Jewels, one of the country’s highly respected stores of real and authentic jewelry, will be holding their Bright Beginnings Black Friday Grand Sale on Facebook, www.justjewels.com.ph, and at all the Just Jewels branches nationwide.

The Grand All Out Sale will likewise guest Sofia Andres in the Facebook Live selling events on November 23, November 27, and November 29. There will also be raffle prizes, games, and many more exciting activities for the attendees.

For more information on the Just Jewels Bright Beginnings Black Friday Grand Sale, visit www.justjewels.com.ph.

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